5 Reasons to get excited for Space Jam: A New Legacy

Why YOU should care about Space Jam: A New Legacy in 5 reasons

We all enjoyed the fanfare that was 1996's Space Jam with the infamous cast with the likes of: Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and Bugs Bunny, but a modern take on the formula with 3D characters and Lebron James? Some have been skeptical, but not us!
Here's why we think you should be VERY excited for Space Jam: A New Legacy.

1: Lebron James!

Even if some do not like Lebron as a player, we can all agree he's an entertainer. On the court, in a Sprite commercial, even in a video game, Lebron entertains like he's been acting his entire life. After watching the various trailers released for A New Legacy, we can at LEAST confirm Lebron is putting his full effort into ensuring the movie lives up to Jordan's film.


2: The Rotten Tomatoes score

Currently, some few lucky fans and an abundance of early reviewers have seen A New Legacy, and to everyone's surprise: It's better than the original. Currently sitting at a stellar 66% on Rotten Tomatoes as of 7/8, it has officially surpassed the original's score of 54%. If that's not hopeful, what is!


3: Looney Tunes!

The original film resonated with so many. Fans of basketball adored seeing their idol on the big screen, of course -- but what about people who knew nothing about Basketball. Well, we can almost guarantee those people and their parents knew about Looney Tunes, making the movie fun, heartfelt, and downright hilarious. So don't expect anything less with the whole crew coming back!


4: The Soundtrack

Much like many popular films today such as Marvel, Fast and Furious, and ANY sports film, have BANGING soundtracks with stars galore. Frankly, this film is no exception with stars such as Lil' Baby, Travis Scott, SZA, DuckWrth, and more with an entirely original soundtrack! We won't judge if you bounce your head during the movie just a bit.

5: The Cinema

The American Cinema, the drive-in, IMAX to 4D. Cinema is an experience that many Americans like ourselves indulge in more than any other attraction -- its in the stats! After COVID-19, theaters have fell flat, but thanks to films like A New Legacy, they're coming back strong. So, hey. Go enjoy some warm popcorn and check out this sure to be hit.